Consolidated Financial Statements - Reporting and Business Plan

The consolidated financial statements is an indispensable tool that allows you to know and evaluate a group of companies.

The consolidated financial statements involves the definition of a complex corporate organization processes.

We assist the Company in the following stages :

  • Implementation of data circulation processes;
  • Customization and preparation of the consolidated reporting package for the consolidated financial statements;
  • Consolidated financial statements;
  • Evaluation and representation criteria of financial statements items;
  • Budget analysis, income and financial index calculation;
  • Preparation of the explanatory notes and management report;
  • Periodic reports;
  • Reporting for the parent company;
  • Electronic transmission of the consolidated financial statements;

During the financial year we organize the fast closing activities and procedures for the preparation of periodic, interim and annual reporting packages in order to optimize the consolidation process.

With also provide services regarding IAS / IFRS international accounting standards.

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